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For buyers

How does ArtHit ship an artwork that I buy?

All shipping will be coordinated and paid by ArtHit. We will use the information for the shipping that is provided by you in your order. We will contact the seller of your artwork and provide packaging and shipping instructions. We will send you a tracking number and the delivery time indicated by the shipping organisation. Your signature will be required to accept delivery. If you are not available to sign upon an attempt of delivery, you can contact us or follow the instructions of the shipping company.

There may be locations that ArtHit is unable to deliver to, in which case will inform you using the contact details provided by you when submitting the order. We will then arrange for an alternative delivery method or cancellation of your order.

Will I be liable to Pay Duty on my Artwork?

Additional taxes can be applicable if artworks are sent across country borders. These taxes are called customs duties and vary according to the countries involved and what is being shipped.

Costs for tax and duty are not included in the price you have paid for your artwork. We will contact you before sending the artwork in case we have to pay taxes to send the artwork to you. In that case, to run things smoothly, we will include '’Delivery Duty paid" on the shipping documents to make sure there is no delay in your delivery. You will receive an invoice to pay for these taxes.

For information on duty charged for artworks in the country in which you are based, you can go to Dutycalculator.com or ask your local tax authorities.

Couriers are obligated to pay customs for any taxes due when importing an item. They will keep hold of any item until those duties have been paid by the customer and this can result in delays to delivery as well as additional clearance charges levied by the courier. ArtHit will try to manage the custom process as smoothly as possible

Returns and Refunds

If youchange your mind about the painting(s) that you have purchased from us, or the artwork has arrived damaged, we will refund the price or you can exchange your purchase for another painting. There are some conditions:

  • You have noticed us within less than 7 days since you have received the artwork
  • You have retained all original packaging for the artwork
  • The artwork has been prepared for return shipment in their original packaging

 Once we receive your request we’ll process it within 2 working days.

  • We will confirm a pickup date of the return and provide all instructions and shipping labels via email
  • You will be refunded within 5 working days of safe receipt of the returned artwork

Can I cancel my order?

You are entitled to cancel your order at any time up to 7 days after receipt of the artwork. If you have not yet received a shipment confirmation email:

  • Log into your ArtHit Account 
  • Click on your user name in the top right hand corner of the screen 
  • Select 'My Orders' from the resulting menu - Click on the 'Cancel Purchase' button next to the item that you wish to cancel 
  • Once we have confirmed the cancellation, you will be immediately refunded to your original payment mechanism

If you have received a shipment confirmation email:

  • You will need to wait until receipt of the artwork, after which you can request a return under our 7-day return policy 
  • You will be refunded as soon as receipt of the artwork has been confirmed

Do I bear the costs of returning an artwork?

We examine all returns on a case-by-case basis in order to determine who is responsible for paying all costs (shipping and customs) required to deliver the artwork back to the artist. 

Generally, if we determine that the artwork was accurately described on our site (in terms of size, materials used, weight, etc.) and the buyer is returning it as a result of buyer’s remorse, then the buyer is held responsible for return costs. If the seller provided insufficient/inaccurate information about the work, or if the artwork was damaged as a result of poor packaging, we will pay the return costs and may hold the seller responsible.

For sellers

I am an artist and I am interested to start selling my artworks via ArtHit. What should I do?

We need 2 or 3 high quality photos that represent your art and a short description for each painting. Fill out this form to send us your request. You can also send us your information via e-mail: [email protected]. For large file transfers you can use Dropbox or another internet-based solution for sending high resolution files such as WeTransfer.

I am an artist and I want to know the costs for selling my art via ArtHit

There are no costs if you choose to sell your art via us. We add 15% commission to the price you give us per artwork. We also add an amount to cover shipping costs. All prices are in USD. If you send us your prices in another currency, we will exchange this to USD according to the currency rate of that moment.

I am an artist; what information do you need per painting that I would like to sell?

We need: 

  • a high quality photo of your artwork (unframed), 
  • the title
  • the dimensions (width x height)
  • the materials used
  • your price in USD
  • the year you created this artwork.

I would like to add my information to an artist profile page; how can I do this?

You can send us your profile information and a recent portrait via [email protected]. We will add your information to the artist page, provided we will start selling your art via ArtHit.

If I am selling my paintings via ArtHit, does that mean that I can not sell them anywhere else?

You are free to sell your paintings anywhere you want to. We only ask you to let us know when a painting of yours on our site was sold so we can remove it from ArtHit.

I am not an artist but I have a painting that I would like to sell. Is this possible?

Certainly! Anybody can sell the paintings they own via ArtHit. We will review your painting before we post it on the website because we want to safeguard the quality of our collection.

If I want to sell a painting, what do I need to do?

You need to go to fill out this form. We ask you to send us a high quality photo of the artwork, without frame. We also need to know the name of the painter and some details about the painting such as: title, dimensions (without frame), materials used, your price (in USD) and the year it was made, if you happen to know.

Do I have to pay something if I want to sell a painting?

You do not have to pay anything. We will increase your price with our commission of 15% and add an amount to cover shipping costs.. The price on the website is the all-inclusive price. When your painting is sold, we will pay for the shipping and after the 7-day return policy period, you will receive your money in the bank account number you’ve supplied to us.

I do not know who is the artist from the painting that I want to sell?

In that case we recommend you to try and sell your painting locally. If you do not have any information about the artist and painting, we do not have enough information for buyers to sell your painting.

Do you require some proof of ownership from the painting I like to sell?

Not everybody will have a formal proof of ownership. But before you submit your request to sell a painting, you have to agree with our Terms & conditions. This means you also agree that you are the formal owner of this painting.

What happens if my painting gets sold via ArtHit?

If your painting is sold, we will contact you and confirm the sale to you in writing. We will also ask you for the preferred pick up location and time. Finally we need your bank account information to transfer the money. You will have to package your painting according to these guidelines before our logistic partner is coming to pick up the package. ArtHit will pay for the shipping. If the customer does not return the painting within the 7-day return policy period, we will transfer the money to you.

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