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The value of Art

Aug 16, 2016 by Anneke Verschuren

Photo of The value of Art

How do I recognize whether a piece of art has the value that is conform the market? I am afraid that I am paying too much money for this specific artwork; how can I understand the value of art? How do I know whether I am paying the right price for this artwork? Will this painting increase in value over time?

These are just a few of the questions that I frequently hear and that I also asked myself while looking for a painting for my newly renovated apartment.

Art is never good or bad. There is no good or bad taste. What matters is what you like to look at in your own environment. And this will change over time! For decades, famous philosophers tried to define: ‘what is art?’. Different approaches and thoughts led to descriptions based on the expression of emotions, and how these expressions are perceived by audiences. The right piece of art for you in your environment is the artwork that you enjoy because it gives you pleasure. It could transport you back to a memory, the art could have been made by a loved one, or it reflects an important phase in your life. And it doesn’t matter what others think of it; it’s about you.

Art is never good or bad. There is no good or bad taste. What matters is what you like to look at in your own environment.

Art can be used to create atmosphere, or to build a certain complimentary decoration for your house, office or restaurant. In these cases, you are perhaps looking for certain colours, images, words or a recognizable link to your logo and values. And this is exactly what we offer with the ‘Create your own’ solution. We can help you create a painting based on a photo of your loved ones, your pets or from a holiday with valuable memories. Or we will help you design a special collection for your company. We are working with a global network of artists that makes it possible to offer paintings in a any style or budget.

We started this business because we want to make art accessible to everyone who is interested in buying art, specifically paintings. If you have no experience or knowledge about paintings - then welcome to the club! There is no reason why you should know anything about art or the value of art before you buy your own painting. You buy what you find attractive or that which evokes a beautiful/pleasurable emotion within you. And if you are looking for something specific and you cannot find it; that’s where we can step in and be of help.

If you are looking to buy art as an investment in the hope you will sell it for a higher price; you will have to do some research in what is hip and trendy or find an established artist with a continuously track record of increasing valued art pieces. It’s a marketplace like any other marketplace of offer and demand. 

Whatever the reason: you should enjoy your search for the right painting. We developed our website to accommodate your search in a fun and efficient way. Give us feedback if you think we can improve or if you miss something that you were expecting to find on www.arthit.com. And if you need help in finding the right artwork that answers your demand, don't hesitate to contact us!

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