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How Art can support your business

Jan 19, 2017 by Anneke Verschuren

Photo of How Art can support your business

I had dinner last week in a fantastic restaurant in Liechtenstein. The restaurant is build on a hill and has spectaculair views. They served first class food, the staff is friendly and the wine completed the overall experience of this Michelin star worthy restaurant. While we were drinking our coffee in their smoking lounge, I couldn't help watching their artworks. It gave the room a classy outlook and I felt like an actor in some Agatha Christie movie. They did a fantastic job in choosing some modern and classical works for their building.  They did the same in their hotel rooms; every room had a handmade, unique painting that matched the design. 

We also stayed in another hotel in the same region. The beds were fine, breakfast very good and overall this hotel delivered on their promise. But the posters of some reproductions in the hallway and room were framed in cheap frames, which did not match with the high quality furniture and maintenance of the building. It looked cheap, as if there was no budget left for decorating the walls. They could have bought real paintings to create the perfect finishing touch and give the environment a more interesting outlook. They even could have offered free exhibition space to local artists which is a perfect way to have unique artworks in your hotel while you do not have to pay for it. For the artists a good method to showcase and sell their paintings. I felt this was a lost opportunity for this business.

My point is that unique artworks are the perfect finishing touch in any building; office, restaurant, hotel or home. The right artwork on your wall will lead to conversations, will impress your visitors; it shows that you care how your visitors are appreciated. The right artwork can also help you sell your products or services. It could represent your values or unique selling points. It can emphasise the way you like your customers to feel if they are visiting you. 

We have a couple of examples how businesses commissioned art for their reception, meeting rooms, office or restaurant. In some cases the painting was in the typical style of the artist, like the paintings from Clemens Briels. He included details of the products from this company. 

We also created a couple of paintings for a high-end cocktail lounge. They wanted to have some paintings in a modern style, that related to drinks.  We created paintings based on photos, created from the drinks they served, with an electron microscope. 

For a new office from Sioux, a high-tech company in the Netherlands, we worked together with the employees that had to work in this office. They gave us ideas and input and we translated this into a series of 6 paintings.

 It makes us happy if we get an email like this after the project: 

In ArtHit, Sioux found a good partner to sharpen their ideas and to create artworks that match with the branding and values of the Sioux company. Being a technology company in the centre of the Brainport area, Sioux wanted the artworks to express innovation and high-tech. Via Skype meetings, ArtHit and employees from Sioux worked together to create the designs for six paintings. ArtHit provided the artist who created the oil paintings. We are very happy with the creation process and the outcome that enriched our office with these beautiful and unique artworks.

Art does something with people. It starts conversations, it creates a certain ethos and can inspire or stimulate people.  It doesn't have to be expensive. We like to help you find or commission the right artwork that will support your business goals. And if you like, we can work together on creating an unique design for your specific goal.

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