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Have your own painting created

Nov 18, 2016 by Anneke Verschuren

Photo of Have your own painting created

Hands up who bought a poster or print because you needed to hang something on your wall but you did not have the time, money or interest to buy something special? Let's be honest; you are looking at the same thing day in, day out. When you see the same popular print hanging on your friends wall you might be triggered to start looking for something else. Many reasons why people decide to hang a new artwork on their wall; a new house, new furniture, new partner or simply because it is time for change.

Mrs Hank: "I was looking for an original anniversary present for my parents. When I discovered  the options that ArtHit had to offer, I decided to order two portraits in different styles of my daughter. It was the best present ever for the grandparents and I am looking forward to hang the modern version on the wall of my new house."

Next time you might decide to buy something special. Something unique and personal. So you start looking for artworks. There is so much choice when it comes to style, material and colors; that a lack of offered works is not the problem. Maybe the opposite; the huge amount of different artworks makes it hard to choose. And don't worry; you're not the only one who just can not agree with your partner on what artwork you both are willing to spend your money on.

If you are looking in galleries or online, it's also very difficult to imagine how the painting will actually look and fit on your wall. Which is why arthit.com created the possibility to view all the posted artworks in a real environment with the correct proportions and the possibility to change not only the furniture, but also the background colors in your wall color. 

The decision to have an artwork customized can be taken because you might have found the perfect artwork, but the size is not right. Or you might like to have a personal painting from a photo, person or subject because it means a lot to you and it would be great if the image could be translated into a unique painting in the sizes and colors that matches exactly what you are looking for. 

Mrs Rose: "I saw a photo on my friend's Facebook page and I was touched by the image because it reminded me at the love and friendship between my dad and me. I requested permission from my friend to use the photo and  ArtHit created a painting from it so that I have a valuable memory on a special place in my home".

We had some remarkable special requests from customers who were looking for a special gift for somebody, needed a Feng-shui painting, or wanted a personalized artwork that meant a lot to them because of the subject of the painting. We also have sold some paintings from people that created their own design with photoshop or by drawing a sketch with a description and wanted this design as an oil painting. 

We have many artists who would like to work on a commissioned painting. They enjoy creating an artwork that will mean something special for someone. And we have some artists that are technical excellent artists and are doing nothing else than create paintings on order based on photos and sketches.

You see my point? If you have that perfect artwork in mind, you will not find it anywhere. But we can help you by commission your order to one of our artists that matches your budget, style and deadline. And if you are looking for an original gift this season or any other occasion, we can also provide gift vouchers or ship a painting as a present on your behalf.


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