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Neil S Howe

Photo of Neil S

Neil S Howe

Based in United States of America

For about a year I have been joining three distinct and lofty disciplines in a somewhat reductive experimental sandbox. Given my desire to work in these three disciplines simultaneously, often in the same sitting, I am forced to look at what they share, how they may be reduced or simplified, and how to create objects and digital instances of these works that don't thin out or disregard how difficult it is to master them individually.
Poetry and prose, drawing and then music can each be considered lifelong practices and I regard each with deference. I claim to have mastered none, and yet I am drawn to how and when these pursuits might interact with a desire to improve at each.
I am trained foremost as a visual artist. I attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with emphasis in drawing. Music was self taught primarily on guitar. Poetry and prose, my first love, has often lingered in the background always looking for a way back into practice.
Then a year ago I began pairing my recorded songs.
I also work in a more urgent and immediate combination of typewritten word, graphite sketch, and short transcribed melody. These are done daily on 7″ x 7″ archival paper. Some of these can be seen on instagram. @NeilSHowe
The 12″ x 12″ drawings are done on watercolor paper with compressed charcoal and chalk, often weekly. Transcribed music is written with guitar. Music recordings are done in Garageband. Type is done with a Remington Rand 5 typewriter.
I intend to continue is this manner for a good long time. I will make printed booklets of the 12×12 drawings as inserts for my vinyl LP recordings and sell original 7×7 'trilogies' with recorded vinyl 45s when finances allow. Much of the printing and vinyl cutting requires some investment that I am currently pursuing.

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