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USS Ahwahnee NCC 2048. Nave de la Flota Estelar clase Constitution. Formo parte de las naves que intentarian rescatar a Kirk y a McCoy de la prision klingon de Rura Penthe. The USS Ahwahnee NCC-2048 was a Constitution-class Federation starship in service in the 23rd century. Trekmania In 2293, the Ahwahnee was one of many starships that were to form part of Starfleet's "Operation: Retrieve", a daring rescue plan to bring Captain James T. Kirk and Dr. Leonard. Beautiful Star Trek wallpapers 2048 x 2048 Wallpapers available for free download. Beautiful Star Trek wallpapers 2048 x 2048 Wallpapers available for free download. HD Wallpapers. Register a free account to get hand picked top downloads delivered to your email for free! Register free account. I am a die-hard William Shatner fan since I was 10 years old, from the very moment when I watched my first Star Trek episode in 1972. William Shatner is a great actor. For me the.

File information: Filename: extant_StarTrekDiscovery_1x11-TheWolfInside_2048.jpg: Album name: Ariane / 1.11 The Wolf Inside: Filesize: 232 KiB: Date added. Posted at 9:19 PM 1 note Permalink ∞ Tags: ec star trek games 2048 game. Notes. babymoostachios liked this. elfincleona posted this ← Previous post Next post → Tumbleroll. Colophon. This tumblelog is powered by Tumblr, and was designed by Bill Israel. Star Trek Klingon is a console mode space shooter. You are a small vessel sent by the Klingon High Council to the Delta quadrant to rid the galaxy of the Borg plague: you are the first line of defense. You must evade asteroids, lightning bolts, and of cou Star Trek: Klingon 1.0 License - GNU.

Christopher Whitelaw "Chris" Pine born August 26, 1980 is an American actor. He has appeared in the romantic comedies The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement 2004 and Just My Luck 2006, as well as the action films Smokin' Aces 2007 and Unstoppable 2010. In 2009, he portrayed James T. Kirk in the film Star Trek. Star Trek V would then take place in early 2287, with the events of Star Trek IV spanning most of 2286, with several months passing after Kirk's return to the future to account for the preparation of the Enterprise-A and Gillian's training for her space assignment. 2293 The events of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Flappy 2048; 2048 Animated Edition; 2048 Doggy Mode; 2048 Reverse Mode; 2048 Pokemon Mode; 8202 Beat The Computer 2048 Tetris Mode; Numberwang Crazy! LHC for physicist 2048 Colors Mode; Speed Mode; Artificial Intelligence; 5x5 Board; 6x6 Board; 8x8 Board; x. Jeri Lynn Ryan born Jeri Lynn Zimmermann; February 22, 1968 is an American actress best known for her role as the Borg drone, Seven of Nine, in Star Trek: Voyager, for which she was nominated four times for a Saturn Award and won in 2001.

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